About Me

Why I became a Web Designer/Advisor.

After 13 whole years of running my own company through the internet I decided to outsource what I have learnt over the years to others. 


In the last 13 years I have thrown countless number of pounds at my company web site. Always paying others and quite frankly watching and wondering why on earth do I continue when I have enough expereince to do most of what I pay others to do myself. 


From Adwords managements, to SEO specialists and to web deisgners I have needlessly paid them all. 

Now its time for a change. Now I can I have decided to utitlise what I have learnt to help others. I will help you to build an online presence. I will hep you to save money by advising you where best to spend your budget.


I can help with Social Media Marketing, build an Adwords Campaigns, help you with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


For further information about my services please don't hesitate to contact me