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How much do I charge?


If you scour the internet for the cost of a full website generally you will find that the fee is upwards of £500. From my experience the low end site fee of £500.00 will tend to be an entry level web site with little or no expandability i.e additional web pages and features.  The fees for what could be considered a high end web site you can expect to pay upwards of £3000 plus VAT.


I offer websites built based upon a Wix template for around £150 per month for 12 months (standing order only) or one off fee of £1500. My services are not subject to VAT. For your domain name and set up of your email accounts there is an additional fee currently of £250 per annum.  Your site will be hosted on the Wix servers but you will be free to choose a domain name of your choice (subject to availability). 


By spreading the cost of your website this will help you to manage your business expenditure. We all know that when starting a business the initial months are the hardest. This will help you reap the benefits of your website before you have fully paid for its overall costs.


For further details please email me at or contact me via my web form


Adwords & Adsense

I offer a basic Adwords and Adsense set up campaign based upon your adwords budget, subject to a minimum spend.


The initial campaign set up will be 50% of one months budget, then ongoing the rates for campaign management will be as follows:


Campaign Spend - Cost of Services

  • £100  - £200 per month - £50.00

  • £201  - £500 per month - £75.00

  • £501  - £750 per month - £100.00

  • £751  - £1000 per month - £150.00

  • £1001 - Up - Subject to discussion


This means if you are spending £250 per month I will set up and try to ensure your campaign is reaching its optimum level for a one off fee £125 plus a campaign management fee of £75 per month.  


For further details please email me at or contact me via my web form


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